Goodland Masks | Handmade 100% Cotton Face Coverings - Made in California, USA
Goodland Masks
Handmade Masks

We make 100% cotton handmade masks for you, your family, your friends or your company!

Made in Goleta, California and shipped via USPS Priority Mail anywhere in the United States! 

More about our Masks

Our masks are handmade out of 100% cotton fabrics. They are machine washable, and have a pocket for an interchangeable filter, or a DIY filter you create from a paper towel, blue shop towels, or whatever you may have at the house... just don't use that coveted toilet paper.  ;)



Our Masks Are:
- 100% Cotton
- Made with a pocket to add a filter
- Machine Washable
- Handmade in Goleta, CA
Here are a few organizations and businesses we've made masks for!
Just received our masks and the family loves them!  Thank you for the quick shipping to Iowa!
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Des Moines, Iowa
"Our drivers/staff love and appreciate our masks! Thank you once again!"
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CEO, Easy Lift Transportation
Santa Barbara, CA

"Bought a bunch for me and sent to family, they are really well made, inexpensive and cute, comfortable and quick to you!."
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Denver, Colorado

Super pleased with these masks! Soft, 100% cotton, with a filter pocket - so much more comfortable than bandana and hair bands.
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Santa Barbara, CA
We received ours! They are so beautiful and useful. Kids love them too!
- Shikha, Dublin
They're really comfortable and well-made! I just picked some up for the family. They can do small to big orders and can ship quickly if you are out of the area!
- Casey, Santa Barbara
I received my masks today, that was so fast!  Thank you, you guys rock!!  Stay safe!
- Kimberly, San Francisco
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Our Story

Janelle loves to create and sew in her time away from being a local learning specialist and mom. Through her side business JLyn Design and My Sunshine Dolls  ( she creates handmade dolls and sells them around town (Cold Spring Tavern, Birch Fabrics in Paso Robles ) and on her Etsy store.

We made a few masks for our family and friends during Southern California's Thomas fire in 2017/2018 and tested multiple patterns and filter options.  We were asked by some friends if we were working on them again, and jumped at the chance to help the community at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are now making and selling masks for individuals, families, organizations and businesses all over the United States!

Kyle is a local business owner and community builder who owns and operates THE SANDBOX Santa Barbara, SEEDBOX Paso Robles, StartupSB, and Startup Summer Camp.  He loves connecting with people and will most likely be your contact at Goodland Masks!

Our daughter helps with sewing and orders too!

We are based in Goleta, California.

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